Education for Agape Love and Forgiveness

The International Forgiveness Institute presents the

International Educational Conference
on Agape Love and Forgiveness

July 19-20, 2022 | Madison, WI

One step toward a better future for children throughout the world.

This conference had the dual purpose of giving individuals a chance to explore two vital moral virtues, which are key to our humanity: agape love and forgiveness. 

Agape love is defined as being in service to others for their sake and this can require effort and even at times be painful.

To forgive is to work toward reducing resentment and offering goodness of some kind to those who have not been good to you.

The entire conference was in English with simultaneous interpretations in Arabic, Hebrew, and Mandarin.

This conference was made possible through the generous gift of the John Templeton Foundation.

What the conference covered

Day 1 included educators from Israel (Hebrew-speaking and Arabic-speaking schools), Northern Ireland (Controlled and Maintained schools), and Taiwan discussing their experiences of teaching an agape love and forgiveness curriculum to 5th grade (primary 7 in Northern Ireland) students. 


  • A talk was given on what both agape love and forgiveness mean, including their importance, and how to better interact with others through the practice of these moral virtues. 
  • A talk on the science of forgiveness education showed its effectiveness in school settings.

Day 2 helped us to learn more broadly about how to extend these moral virtues into the family and into wider world communities. Innovations in curricular development in schools also were discussed. A talk by a school superintendent in the Philippines was presented.

  1. Intimate communication. A deeper sense of “we” can occur between people who practice agape.
  2. Relationship satisfaction. Those who practice agape reporter a greater sense of happiness.
  3. Loyalty. Studies show that those who practice agape stay together longer and are more committed to working as a team.
  4. Adapting to stressful situations. Research shows those who practice agape can handle better the stresses of life.
  5. Physical. More relaxed, more energy, possibly restored health. One study showed improved cardiac functioning in patients who learned how to forgive.
  6. Emotional. Studies show that learning to forgive can substantially decrease anger, anxiety, and depression.
  7. Mental. Studies show that forgiveness can increase a sense of hope, bolster self-esteem, and help decrease negative attitudes and increase positive attitudes.
  8. Social. Studies show that people who forgive begin to see the inherent (built-in) worth of others and the self. This can lead to more harmonious interactions with others.
  9. Spiritual. People who forgive begin to see a connection between offering forgiveness to others and the depth and beauty of their faith.
  10. Legacy. Those who forgive tend to want to leave more love in this world than discord and division.

Those who love are more open to forgiveness and those who forgive leave more love in this world instead of discord and division.


Fluno Center

The conference will be held at the Fluno Center, where you can also book accommodations. Please indicate you are a participant to the International Educational Conference on Agape Love and Forgiveness.

Hyatt Hotel Downtown Madison

Additionally  we have reserved space at the Hyatt Hotel Downtown Madison with Group Code G-IFCI. Book by June 18, 2022 for the conference rate.  

Important Conference Information


We welcome anyone interested in learning more about agape love and forgiveness education, however only people age 10 and up may register.

$60.00 – this includes your entrance to the conference and meals, but does not include parking fees, travel, lodging and visa fees.

Please register by May 31st, 2022.

As a courtesy to other guests who would like to attend, please notify the event organizers 3 weeks in advance if you cannot attend.

Important dates to know: 

  • Cancel on or before June 24, 2022 and $50 will be refunded to you. 
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Once in Madison, the hotels and conference venue are within walking distance.

COVID-19 Precautions

Attendees will be required to wear a mask if there is a mandate from either the local or national government of the United States during the period of the conference event. The organizers reserve the right to remove anyone from the conference venue or seek legal help from the authorities for appropriate intervention.

Attendees need to comply with any country/state/city requirements issued at the time of the conference. The organizers reserved the right to request attendees who fail to comply to leave the vicinity.

Onsite FAQs

Please arrive half-hour early for on-site registration.

Participants will be required to show their email confirmation by phone or by printout. No confirmation, no entry. 

Seats will be first-come-first-served basis.

  • No pets allowed.
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Restricted items include but are not limited to:

  • sharp objects such as scissors or pen knives
  • guns or any kind of weapon
  • explosive materials or any kind

Please observe proper dress code — No slippers, no shorts, and no spaghetti strap type tops. 

The conference is open to all who wish for a deeper understanding of agape love and forgiveness across diverse cultures and who have an interest in bringing these two moral virtues to the home, school, and other community organizations.